Cave Diving

If you are a scuba diving enthusiast and you are interested in everything related to this activity, stick close and read our article about cave diving. You probably know that this sport has a lot to do with the paradise existing underwater. Generally, divers can do a lot of things, when they dive, from admiring the squids and corals or the different species of fish, whales, seahorses, sea lions, to exploring the mysterious wrecks existing at the bottom of the sea. As the name implies, cave diving has to do with exploring various natural caves which can be partially, or completely filled with water. This activity is also recognized to be a form of technical diving, which means that divers need to obtain certificates from certified cave diving associations, prior to starting their adventure in the world of caves.

It is very important to mention the fact that not all divers can practice this sport, which is extremely dangerous, comparing it to the recreational diving which stays out of dangerous situations. The reason this sport is so dangerous is that the caves, be it previously explored or unexplored caves, can be tricky to divers, mostly due to the fact that natural light often lacks inside them. In fact, sunlight can barely penetrate sea or ocean’ water and get inside these caves, which is why divers need to have at least two sources of light at them. Moreover, water currents can stir up mud, sand, silt, or clay which can be in caves and this fact also reduces visibility inside them.
We can say that even the most experienced divers can be put in difficulty, once they get inside a sea cave. So, if you are a newbie diver, you should not attempt to explore the caves existing underwater, as otherwise you risk being stuck inside them and put your life in danger. You should know that cave diving is by far the most dangerous activity which can be related to scuba diving. Even though you might be tempted to think that beginning divers can still have a chance to explore caves, if assisted by more experienced divers, you should know that even scuba instructors recommend those, who are unfamiliar with cave diving, to avoid this sport.

This dangerous activity requires divers to be good swimmers, highly trained and to have appropriate diving gear. Moreover, divers should not be alone, when exploring caves, as there can always be unexpected situations which can put them in difficulty.