How to Teach a Child to Dive

If you are a parent and your kid shows an increased interest in diving, you should help him/her understand better what this activity is about. For many people, scuba diving represents a recreational activity which is more like a hobby. So, if your child is fond of this sport, make sure to be the first one showing him/her how to dive. Anyway, you should know that you need to be a skilled diver as well, or at least a good swimmer. On the other hand, if you don’t feel comfortable about teaching your kid the basic rules of diving, you can simply enroll him/her in a scuba program, or a special certification course. Yet, if you still want to commit to teaching your child how to dive, stick close and read our instructions on how to teach a child to dive.

To begin with, you should know that a newbie diver should have adequate scuba diving equipment, as the right scuba gear can dictate your kid’s first experience with deep water. So, the first step is to take your child to the scuba store and see what kind of gear fits him/her and ensures maximum comfort to your kid. Many children, especially little girls, want a gear to put on that can look great on them, too, so you should keep that in your mind when selecting the scuba diving equipment for your kid. Every little detail matters, when it comes to helping your kid turning into a confident diver.

Next in our lesson on how to teach a child to dive, you should consider taking your child to a swimming pool. There, you can teach your kid the basic safety rules of diving. Anyway, it is very important to know exactly whether your kid is a good swimmer or not. If not, help him/her master the basic swimming skills, as diving has a lot to do with swimming. After making sure that your kid is a good swimmer, you can begin your diving instruction. Beginning divers should receive uniform diving training, allowing them to get used to deep water and scuba unit. Usually, kids need to be taught the kneeling position in their first diving lesson. This position allows the diver to control his/her body more easily when underwater.

In learning how to teach a child to dive, you should know that the basic safety rules are the most important and they need to be taught in progressive steps so that your kid can master them quickly.