The Best For Beginners Inflatable or Solid SUP

The majority of people who purchase surfboards tend to choose the solid ones usually those that are made of carbon or fiberglass. There are two types of surfboards the inflatable ones and the solid ones. Each of them has their own pros and cons. But what do we choose? The inflatable or the solid one? It is very important to choose the suitable one, especially when talking about beginners because they need to be safe when surfing.

Inflatable SUP boards

These boards are the best for people who just started their activity in surfing. Nowadays, many of the inflatable SUP boards are more qualitative than those that appeared a long time ago. But the most important thing is what a person wants when using this product. For instance, people who want to have a normal experience with the board can get the inflatable one. You do not need a lot of experience to use this item and it is perfect to learn surfing with it. Inflatables are safe and strong and people can easily use them. Another convenient is their lightweight so that they are easy to handle and you do not have to be worried about tiredness. You can also store them very easy due to the fact that they are not so big. It may be a surprise but inflatables can be more durable than the solid sups and they have a soft surface so they can be comfortable with exercising. Their drawbacks are stability because they may not be as stable as the solid ones, and inflating, it can take a bit to inflate them.

Solid SUP boards

As we have decided that inflatable boards are the most suitable for beginners, these ones are made for pros that have a range of complicated moves. Solid boards are very reliable and firm on the water so you do not have to be worried that you may fall. Unlike the inflatable ones these tend to be faster on the water, this is one of the reasons which they are not recommended for beginners. Another perk is that you do not have to inflate them thing that makes it easier for usage. But they also have their cons, too, they clearly are more expensive than the inflatable ones and their size is bigger so it will be more difficult to carry and transport them.

Which one to choose?

Inflatable SUP boards are unquestionably more affordable than the solid SUP boards, a thing that may help the user to consider purchasing one. People who enjoy ordering online will appreciate the fact that they can do it easily without worrying about the size of the product because obviously the inflatable one will come very well packed. The inflatable ones are more user-friendly especially for beginners so it is likely that they are the most purchased. Also, not only beginners but those who practice yoga choose this type of board. On the other hand, the solid boards are strong and reliable, too, even though people tend to choose the first option.

Things to take into consideration

You should all know that both inflatable and solid boards have their own sub-categories which are important, too, and that can make a difference between these two. People can get another type of experience if they choose a model over another. It is just about your wish and need when considering choosing the right type. For instance, if it is your first board and you are a beginner or if you do not plan to use it for serious surfing and do not need a great experience with it, it is recommended to purchase an inflatable board. But if you want to do many tricks or you are totally a surf-lover the solid one is the most suitable.